Lake Yale


Lake Yale contains 4,042 surface acres of water. It is technically part of the Harris Chain, but is now landlocked. This lake was clear until the mid nineties when a hydrilla infestation prompted chemical weed spraying and the over stocking of grass carp. The introduction of grass carp has been the most troublesome. Game officials have attempted to physically remove the excess carp and even had to fence off and replant wide sections of the shoreline grass. Droughts occasionally reduce lake levels to a point where the lake is not accessible to most anglers for long periods of time. Much of the shoreline cover has grown back and the lake is making a comeback as a bass fishing destination.


imageThis lake has always been a favorite of mine and contains a good population of bass. They seem to run smaller than main Harris Chain bass but make up for it in numbers. All the Harris Chain tactics outlined in this website work well. The lake is deeper than most and has a hard sand bottom, making it ideal for a Carolina rig. The large pad fields in the cove nearest to the Marsh Park boat ramp and in the area behind Rabbit Island hold bass year round. The entire southern shoreline borders a deep offshore ditch that runs down the lake creating a great drop off for Carolina rigging. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits take the larger bass in this lake. When the water is high enough the lake can be accessed from a nice ramp in Marsh Memorial Park. The park is located a few miles north of Eustis off State Road 452.


Lake Yale is full of offshore humps, ridges and shell beds. Most of the big fish stay offshore except during the spawning season.  The canals are major bedding areas and hold big fish in the spring.  The small canal adjacent to the Baptist Assembly is fairly deep and holds fish year round.  Boat docks are abundant and a worth fishing anytime.


Lake Yale Fishing Map


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