Fishing Lake Eustis


Lake Eustis, located in Central Florida's Lake County is approximately 4 miles long and 3 miles wide. Covering 7,833 acres of water, it stretches from the City of Eustis to Highway 441 in Tavares. The lake averages about 10 feet deep with a deep hole on the south end just offshore of Lakeshore Drive. Lake Eustis is the center lake in the Harris Chain with easy access to all the other lakes. Lake Eustis is also the location of the popular Buzzard Beach boat ramp where many local tournaments go out of. The Sunday Palm Gardens Tournament is a tradition with locals and has been held each Sunday for at least 15 years. Winning one of these tournaments is quite a feat as local anglers are very knowledgeable and tough competitors. Read more...




The lake is more developed than the other Harris Chain lakes with lakefront homes almost totally surrounding the shoreline. Lake Eustis and Lake Harris have the best water quality in the Chain. Numerous residential canals around Lake Eustis provide year round action and shelter from the weather in the colder months. The City of Eustis maintains a public boat ramp on Lakeshore Drive just south of downtown.


Where to Fish in Lake Eustis


imageThe numerous Lake Eustis canals hold fish year round and can always be counted upon to produce fish. Casting Texas rigged worms is the most productive with top water, crankbaits and spinner baits producing larger bass. In April, the main lake fish turn on and flipping the eastern shoreline produces many tournament wins. Start at the Eustis City ramp and flip south until you find the fish. Casting plastic around the numerous boat docks on the west side of the lake just south of Haines Creek also produces consistent action.


The famous Gator Hole is located in the back of Goose Prairie on the north west side of the lake adjacent to the Harbor Shore Canals. The area is a round 200 foot hole in the grass averaging about 12-15 feet deep filled with stumps and structure. Huge bass inhabit this hole and are usually caught by dragging large worms very slowly along the bottom. It takes a lot of patience to fish this slow, but the rewards are worth it. Numerous 10 pound plus fish have been taken this way.


The weedy bay directly outside of the Dead River can be productive at times, as well as the pads directly in front of the Grand Island Canals. All of the boat docks in Lake Eustis hold fish with some better than others. The Springwood Landing dock on the east side is one of the better locations. In the late spring, bass can be caught around the Eustis Lake Walk and in front of the City of Eustis swimming pool. On the southeast side of the lake is a large offshore shell bed that holds bass. Look for numerous boats in the area as this shell bed is also popular with pan fisherman.


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